Leper Skinz

Wanted in several jurisdictions, kingdoms, realms and lesser dimensions

Leper Skinz

Instrument: Drums
From: Los Angeles, California
Likes: Bling, Pimp-slapping Hoes, Hydroponics, Pilates
Dislikes: The Fuzz, Seeds, Mittens and Toe-socks


It was through his wits and business savvy as a young entrepreneur that Leper Skinz was able to survive in the rough and tumble streets of South Central Los Angeles. He is well versed in the rigors and demands of gang life through years of not running with but from the various gangs and organizations that controlled the area. By age 14, LS used his natural talent for herbal remedies and social activism to cultivate a bustling sidewalk pharmacy business (Leper’s Pharmasoothicals) by day and a fast paced drive-thru hofessional escort service by night, always staying one step ahead and one back hand pimp slap upside the head of his competition.

A fan of “recreational relaxation”, Leper became tight with a group of local musicians and began to court the drum kit with a natural transition he referred to as “going from hittin’ skins to beatin’ skins”. He formed his first band “The Fabulous FourTwenties” by age 16 and enjoyed a small degree of hazy, smoke-filled success. When an event that Leper describes as “admittedly, not totally the best way it coulda’ happened…” resulted in the accidental shooting deaths of all of his bandmates, he decided it was best to step away from mingling his entrepreneurial pursuits with band life and focus solely on his music career.


His music career however resulted in several extended “vacations” (rehab) and numerous “misunderstandings” (jail time). It was during one such misunderstanding that he ran into Antoine Brown, the uncle of none other than Funkmouf Brown. Antoine saw that Leper had talent for more than just herbal remedies and lubricants and quickly introduced him to his nephew.

The rest is as they say, a graphic tragedy with implications that will sever most peaceable relations with the Middle East and Omega Centauri, even though the Omega Centaurians are pretty much a bunch of hipster a-holes.