Help Keep the Funk Funky

You want to help us? Whatchu’ talkin’ bout Willis? You probably arrived here by accident. We like the moneys. We like all the moneys. It’s a tough job bringing the Funk to everyone and trying to survive as a band making a living off of our ridiculously asinine groovy tunes and hijinks. So if we have managed to entertain, amuse or enrage you, we humbly ask you to toss a few of those moneys our way to show your appreciation. It helps us to keep doing what we do as medical coverage for our various life threatening shenanigans is expensive.


Perhaps you already downloaded, torrented or stealthily acquired some of our music. That’s cool, s’cool. We ain’t mad. Graveltroat just left in a hurry mumbling your name though along with a tirade of creative expletives and a large, heavy duffle bag, just saying. All we’re saying is if you dig it, maybe toss a couple of bucks our way to support it. We would honestly really appreciate that. If not, we understand. Just share the music with someone else who may appreciate it. Also, leave some cookies out for Graveltroat when he comes to see you. Oatmeal raisin are his favorite.

Any way you slice it thanks for the support and consideration. We will continue to bring the Funk the way that only we can due to our lack of talent and self respect. Thank you.

-Funkmouf Brown