Bass Boy

The future of funk is here

Base Boy

Instrument: Bass
From: Atlanta, Georgia
Likes: Culture, History, Clothing, Trends
Dislikes: Wanna Be Playas, Suckas, Haterz

Currently the youngest member of FMB, Bass Boy grew up in the heart of Atlanta surrounded by a family of musicians. His grandfather was the great horn player “Cooter McGums” Jackson. His uncle Stan “BeBop Rocksteady” Jackson was the famed guitar player in the Scott and Rich Trio. His father was known throughout Thailand as Lester “Piano Player Who Can’t Tell LadyBoy From Real Woman” Jackson. This rich bloodline shaped BB’s destiny: to be the low end savior of the band Funkmouf Brown.

Long famed in the studio musician circuit for being a young, smooth, solid bass ace, Bass Boy had the fortune of being called into session with Commander DeadFoot to record a track on the now infamous “BaFUNKadunk” benefit compilation album. The album was sponsored by WWB (Women Without Booties) and featured tracks from many well known funk artists in a charity effort to raise money for butt implants for under-bootied women. All of the acts who were to appear on the album gathered in the studio to record a final extended group jam track. Among them were funk icon Commander DeadFoot, The Other Funky Brother’s Mothers, Tom Smith, Jebediah Funk Funk, The Tentacular Tootie Snootie Funktopus and Funkmouf Brown. Unfortunately none of these greats ever got to lay down a single note, as a mysteriously unexplained, massive funky explosion leveled the studio and claimed the lives of everyone inside, except for Bass Boy and 4 of the then 5 members of Funkmouf Brown. The explosion tragically claimed the life of their long time original bass player Sugar Popps. It was a grim match made in heaven, as Bass Boy quickly filled Sugar Popps’ literally still smoking shoes.

The only outside witness to this now infamous explosion, a bystander who gave his name only as Dr. D. D., was reported to have possibly been dazed by the explosion when he said “Oh come on, this is getting ridiculous. Next time, more baking soda.”

With a youthful appeal and influences from a different generation than the band’s other members, Bass Boy brings a special Billy Dee flavor that is all his own to both the music, image and backstage antics of Funkmouf Brown.